Lack of development plans: INDUSTRIAL CLUSTERS find it difficult to attract Japanese capital

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Decree 68/2017/ND-CP and Decree 66/2020/ND-CP specifying the role of the Provincial State of Vietnam in formulating plans for industrial cluster development. Besides, investors in the infrastructure business field of industrial clusters in Binh Phuoc province also need to place the plan for industrial cluster development at special importance to attract Japanese investment capital. In the current new situation, the industrial cluster development plan not only helps the Provincial State manage and effectively implement their planning but also helps the private sector to ensure the efficiency of investment capital, optimized land use, and especially adapt to the new requirements of investment capital flows that bring real benefits to local communities.
Binh Phuoc localities with the Agricultural Product Export Acceleration Program
Binh Phuoc localities with the Agricultural Product Export Acceleration Program
One of such capital flows comes from Japan, which encourages the Japanese private sector, small and medium enterprises to accelerate investment abroad, apply environmentally friendly new technologies, and complete the value chain, export linkage chain, joint mechanisms in terms of effective management and competitive operation. The Japanese private sector together with local communities and businesses develop and spread cultural and spiritual values, available resources to build up the final product for export and domestic consumption successfully. With the local advantages of Binh Phuoc province, the Japanese priorizing some fields for this model consist of processing local wood and Japanese wood products; processing cashew and peppercorn products; products of supporting industries; handicraft products for export;...

With the strategies for moving the Japanese investment capital into Binh Phuoc, the Japanese and local industrial cluster investors need more specific directions to develop this model such as planning of functional zones, investment schedule, infrastructure, environmental treatment and sustainable supply resources,...

For local industrial cluster investors, choosing the Japanese capital or other capital flows is not easy because of strict management according to Japanese standards, pressure on short-term capital returns, and belief in a model that the Japanese is implementing in many countries and in Vietnam. However, in the face of the current fierce competition, such Japanese proposed models have confirmed their sustainablity and competitiveness.

While the current planed-land filling and short-term capital returning have not yet confirmed the economic efficiency for local industrial cluster investors and the highest socio-economic efficiency for localities. Binh Phuoc Department of Industry and Trade continuously updates opportunities to attract investment capital flows from Japan, apply Japanese models in accordance with local capabilities, as well as share cooperation opportunities between Japan and Binh Phuoc in the processing industries of wood, cashew, peppercorn, supporting industry, handicraft products for export./.

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