Export of agro-products: The role of district level becomes especially important

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The role of state management at the district level, including the Party Committee, People’s Committee, relevant agencies and units in the districts, towns and cities of the province becomes especially important; it determines the export of agro-products not only in that locality but also in the whole country. This role has not been clearly demonstrated before.
Banks with the Agricultural Product Export Acceleration Program
Banks with the Agricultural Product Export Acceleration Program
In the current context of fierce international and domestic competition, the export of agro-products, e.g. fresh agro-products such as vegetables, roots, fruits, and nuts, faces many difficulties and challenges; but a lot of export opportunities are opened when clarifying the relationship between the state management role at district level and local farmers, cooperatives and enterprises. Strong relationships are in the same comprehensive agricultural export promotion program. Here Bu Gia Map District, Binh Phuoc Province is an example starting for such a adaptation model.

Before 2022, the export of agro-products basically depended on the initiative of local farmers, cooperatives and businesses; from the stages of cultivation, harvesting, processing, preservation and consumption. From January 1, 2022, a series of adjustments from many international import markets, notably China’s Import Policy, have requested at detailed levels of which district-level state management is especially concerned as follows:
1. The district level must have a consistent planting plan that ensures that local farmers, cooperatives and businesses can register the production unique code (PUC) with each importing country one by one or a few plants that can be combined with each other. PUCs control the type of crop, planting boundary, and destination country of export; The maximum area of ​​each PUC is not more than 12 hectares but there is no limit on the number of PUCs. The maintenance fee of PUCs will be charged to the registrant; The importing country has the right to monitor PUCs and requests the Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and local authorities to monitor PUCs in accordance with its commitments on market opening and relevant agricultural control compliance. The lack of planning in planting regions and specific action plans to develop agro-products for export will be considered as unsustainable supply of agro-products. Therefore, all export efforts of local farmers, cooperatives, and businesses are then very difficult to convince the importer and the target importing country about the ability of sustainable supply, quality agro-products, food safety and hygiene, and expandability of export.
2. The district-level local government’s lack of capacity to supervise and support the PUCs in accordance with the regulations that the Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development committed to each importing country may cause PUCs to fall into a state of non-compliance with the approved import standards and regulation; or compliance but it is very expensive, making the product difficult to compete. Currently, a few non-compliant PUCs can cause a large growing region of ​​a locality to lose export opportunities.
3. The district-level local government may be interested in developing PUCs, but without mechanisms and policies to support the development of local farmers, cooperatives, and businesses to develop export agriculture, the final product will be difficult to compete with countries where are strongly supporting agro-products of the same crop for export. The PUCs that are discretely grown will find it very difficult to maintain compliance due to the possibility of cross-contamination; at the same time it is very expensive to achieve high export standards such as GAP, Organic, economic efficiency of scale, etc.
4. Local farmers, cooperatives, enterprises actively develop PUCs and agro-products for export, but the district-level local government lacks the initiative to integrate their efforts with economic development, social welfare programs, building local brands, geographical indications, collective brands, etc., it is very difficult for local farmers, cooperatives, local businesses to build corporation brands and produce brands associated with sustainable standards, social welfare for the community.
5. A comprehensive and effective program to promote agricultural exports will have to start with the proactive needs of the district-level local government, the flexibility and creativity of local leaders to inspire and trust for local farmers, cooperatives, local businesses as well as potential importers; this will bring efficiency to the provincial comprehensive promotion programs for agro-product export.

In the context of economic and social development, promotion of agricultural development, local agricultural exports and the opportunity to promote the particularly important role of the district-level local government, Bu Gia Map district, Binh Phuoc province is a example starting for such an adaptation model through Resolution No. 03-NQ/HU dated January 26, 2021 of the Executive Committee of Bu Gia Map District Party Committee on promote the development of clean agricultural production, strengthen the application of scientific and technical advances to agricultural production in the period of 2020–2025 and the Plan No. 139/KH-UBND dated July 23, 2021 of the People’s Committee of Bu Gia district on the implementation of Resolution No. 03-NQ/HU above.

Binh Phuoc Department of Industry and Trade will continuously update, supplement and clarify the role of State management at the district level to meet the requirements of agro-product import management of importing markets and specific importers for each agro-product of each district, town or city of Binh Phuoc province./.

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