Binh Phuoc DoIT restructures priority solutions to strengthen the DDCI Index 2022

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Binh Phuoc Province’s District and Department Competitiveness Index (DDCI) 2021 was first announced based on the survey results of types of enterprises in the province in 2021. Accordingly, Binh Phuoc Department of Industry and Trade (DoIT) was ranked 10th on competitiveness (good level) out of a total of 14 departments and agencies evaluated and classified. From the survey results, the DoIT was evaluated in 8 basic aspects including: Transparency and accessibility to information; Informal expenses; Time costs; Fair competition; Business Support; Legal institutions; Dynamic, innovative and efficient performance; and Roles of heads.
Binh Phuoc localities with the Agricultural Product Export Acceleration Program
Binh Phuoc localities with the Agricultural Product Export Acceleration Program
In the current new situation, fierce competition both at home and abroad has directly affected the efficiency of production, business and life of the communities in the area. The continuous efforts of the localities and the DoIT must overcome the non-commercial barriers of countries and importers to support the business community in order to adapt and compete most effectively from the potential and strengths of each locality in the province. All are requiring the DoIT to control and promote the leading role of local industry in accessing the market, creating many opportunities for local production, trade and consumption through tools, policies, and related mechanisms.

Such a large amount of work but with limited resources and time to serve the business community and contribute to the success of the province. The competition between departments, agencies, and localities at this time is very necessary to affirm the dynamism and role of the leader, contributing to the overall development of the province. Each of the solutions below will best impact each community in the province on a daily basis, using different methods and tools. A locality with strengths in agricultural products, forest products and processed food, the role of the industry must also ensure the development of production; opportunities for the community are equal and always open; create safe and healthy products for users at home and abroad; constantly innovate to add value to the community and create more opportunities for sustainable development; Sustainability must be ensured by comprehensive development, each actor in the value chain of goods must be traceable; ... Therefore, measuring the competitiveness of the DoIT needs the most active participation and support of the local community.

The DoIT will restructure priority solutions, offer a more comprehensive improvement program, has more specific practical plans and actions, towards the best service for the business community and local people through many interactive channels suitable to the new situation. Of which:

1. Transparency and accessibility to information (ranked 9 over 14 departments and agencies, the DoIT will strive for 3rd place next year)
The DoIT determines that the broadcasting will be the most important stage in the current period so that the business community and local people understand the functions and tasks of the DoIT better; At the same time, the enhanced interactive tools will help civil servants, officials and employees of the DoIT grasp the practical needs of the community.
All administrative procedures, industry information according to assigned functions and tasks or all related additions and adjustments are reported to the Provincial People’s Committee; The information and administrative procedures will be registered and published on the general Portals of the province and the DoIT to ensure that the administrative procedures and information of the industry are not omitted.
Modern tools are identified including websites, e-commerce platforms, applications, hotline phone numbers, Zalo groups; traditional methods include meeting periodically to solve difficulties, rooms for receiving people’s comments, trade and businee exchange, enterprise visitings with the theme of development; set up specialized groups for information on domestic and foreign agro-forestry products market;...
From the above tools and approaches, market information of novelty and efficiency as well as opportunities for local development will be analyzed by the DoIT and searched for suitable end users in the community. Improve the community’s response rate to the DDCI survey in the following years in the most honest manner, thereby contributing to transparency in the activities of the DoIT’s civil servants, officials and employees.

2. Informal expenses (ranked 11 over 14 departments and agencies, the DoIT will strive for 5rd place next year)
The DoIT’s information is more transparent, the business community and local people have equal and easier access to information. With a more effective feedback mechanism, feedback and interactions with local leaders, there are no more opportunities to incur informal costs.
Mechanism for management, arrangement and use to civil servants and public employees is increasingly effective; the DoIT’s propagation and education of the spirit and attitude to the community are periodically and regularly integrated into its activities; and internal emulation is carried out to ensure efficiency and effectiveness, without incurring unofficial costs.

3. Time costs (ranked 10 over 14 departments and agencies, the DoIT will strive for 6rd place next year)
Time costs are exploited by the DoIT in both spatial dimensions (to reduce costs from travelling, interactions between stakeholders with the business community and local people in remote areas; trade and business exchange between the province and other provinces and with foreign markets) and time dimensions (to fulfill the needs of each community with the method of delivering and receiving results by electronic means, minimizing the need for printing, looking up, certifying and notarizing).
At the same time, the DoIT actively supports the community to shorten the time to search opportunities of industries, fields and business activities; actively search for end users in the community for published information and opportunities.

4. Fair competition (ranked 8 over 14 departments and agencies, the DoIT will strive for 8rd place next year)
The DoIT focuses on equal access to opportunities for local communities through the above-mentioned tools and means; each investment location is publicized and investors are selected equally according to the provisions of law; each content is processed with maximum speed and quality according to publicly available information. All are to ensure fair competition, contributing to building the most attractive and competitive investment environment of the province.

5. Business Support (ranked 14 over 14 departments and agencies, the DoIT will strive for 4rd place next year)
Supporting local businesse community and investors is the top priority of the DoIT. Each industry, field, and product has been developed by the DoIT via comprehensive, detailed and effective plans and actions of both the public and private sectors. Calling for domestic and foreign cooperation to serve the benefits of economic - society development and local communities. Local resources are optimally exploited, costs associated with efficiency, step by step ensuring sustainable industry development.
Strengthen working with localities in the province, specialized departments at district level, relevant departments and agencies inside and outside the province to capture industry information in consistent and effective manner.
Leaders have direct access to the direction of their superiors, will always have the companionship of subordinates and direct sharing to ensure consistency, accuracy, inheritance and development of key human resources. The support for businesses is good, it must be accompanied by effective support for agencies and development units.

6. Legal institutions (ranked 7 over 14 departments and agencies, the DoIT will strive for 7rd place next year)
Along with the above information, industry opportunities in the area are widely announced; Relevant legal bases and references are also made public to receive and listen to the community’s contributions. The bases that are no longer suitable with reality and community, not bringing into the efficiency of the industry development and management process will be submited to competent authorities for replacement, adjustment and supplementation.

7. Dynamic, innovative and efficient performance (ranked 5 over 14 departments and agencies, the DoIT will strive for 2rd place next year), and
The dynamic, innovative and efficient performance in thinking, directing and operating at the DoIT’s units is put on top. Taking legitimate interests of local people and businesses as the center to solve the industry’s goals and tasks by effective state management tools along and the dynamism, creativity and efficiency of the government. Not reducing the prestige of the state and the law, not affecting the prestige and capacity of units, but promoting the sustainable efficiency of the industry and the common interests of the community.
The dynamic, innovative and efficient performance are reflected in the initiative, positivity and specific solutions mentioned in all these contents.

8. Roles of heads (ranked 6 over 14 departments and agencies, the DoIT will strive for 1rd place next year)
Once again, the DoIT’s leaders affirmed the roles and responsibilities of the heads of DoIT and its units regarding the specific orientations, programs and plans mentioned above. Striving to solve in advance and on time the needs of administrative procedures that have been announced, publicized and best promote the interaction with the community so that people and businesses can participate in development. The support for community leaders through the above-mentioned channels of comments and feedback will be the basis for the leaders to self-reflect and better perform their assigned responsibilities and tasks. The working style of civil servants, public employees and employees was regulated. the DoIT’s leaders will confidently promote the development of the locality and opportunities for the community.

Finally, the efforts of the DoIT, provincial departments and agencies must have sharing and learning each other to ensure a prosperous Binh Phuoc./.

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